adam:ONE v4.7.2 Release

In this release, we’ve standardized the installation script to support additional routers, including AX86U. The /jffs/scripts/adamone selfupdate script must be updated prior to any /jffs/scripts/adamone upgrade attempts.

  • New feature: Policy of type Schedule now displays upcoming schedule to the endpoint at
  • New feature: Option to selectively disable DNSSEC when required to alter a DNS response for blocking purposes
  • New feature: Added extra information to DNS log page, including which policy and which rule was used for the DNS response
  • New feature: Reserved CNAME flattening for A/AAAA and HTTPS questions only
  • Bug fix: colour corrected on some blocked entries previously showing up in green
  • Bug fix: parsing of some leases files which led to reporting of non active devices and wrong names

Scheduled Release: June 22, 2021

Thank you
– Adam Networks team


RFI . I just realized I’m woefully behind ( Firmware Version:[384.13_1.5.5]). According to my ASUS RT-AC3200 is no longer supported. The latest stable build for that routers is 384.13_10. The video says the “RT-AC3200 is still supported, for now”. But I do wonder if you’d suggest it is worth my time to attempt putting 4.x on my router, or consider a hardware upgrade. (I am able to consistently crash my 3200 after turning on network logging for a bit :confused: ) If the latter, wonder what you’d recommend for a < $300 (US) solution. Apart from normal AdamOne filtering, I’d like to pull VPN in-house (currently using Nord)… if that’s even feasible given budget parameters. Wondering if ASUS w/ Merlin is the way to go or PFSense (via netgate). I appreciate your input.

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Hi @Mark_Nadig I would still recommend you run the upgrade to version on an AC3200. The OpenVPN server on it is a very stable deployment. The reason the “for now” exists is that ASUS themselves is no longer providing updates, therefore Merlin isn’t either. We will continue to provide necessary security and feature upgrades of adam:ONE®, but at which point in time it leaves unsupported devices unable to run the latest adam:ONE®, we can’t forecast that :slight_smile:

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