adam:ONE® version 3 End-of-Life 27-03-2024

It seems like yesterday when we first launched V3 of the muscle, the on-premise software that makes up part of the adam:ONE® stack.

Our focus has been around scalability and service reliability and launched V4 in early 2022 with many new features. Most importantly, V4 boasts an over 20x performance increase in FreeBSD environments as well as Enablers being brought to the dashboard!

To continue to provide world class support for the adam:ONE® SASE, V3 is set for end-of-life on March 27th, 2024.

All platforms listed above have had V4 available since July 2022.

New V3 activations have been disabled since November 6, 2023.

It is important to note that subscribers to any white label vendors that have not adopted the upgrade will lose service when V3 is shut down. Depending on configuration, some instances will fail open, while some will fail closed. In all cases, forwarding rules will fail which will lead to Active Directory authentication failure by endpoints.

As always, our team is on standby at

Thank you
– The ADAMnetworks team

Clarification 1: Platforms on Operating Systems (business-use) which are no longer receiving updates will cease to function for any adam:ONE® version. Note that ClearOS 7 depends on CentOS 7 for updates. CentOS Linux 7 end-of-life is June 30, 2024. Therefore adam:ONE® (including other whitelabel brands) will no longer function on this platform past June 30, 2024.

Clarification 2: Any limited-use free-of-charge white label solution is also discontinued as of June 30, 2024. However, DNSharmony® one-size-fits-all subscription will be free and available for self-service before June 30, 2024. Watch our announcements for news.

What we use Clearos Linux , what will the update be like or what should I do?

hi @Figueroa I wish I had a better answer, but unfortunately the latest ClearOS7 has also reached end-of-life with no replacement so we do not have a solution for that platform.

Hi David and @Figueroa ,

Unfortunately the last updates to ClearOS were in July 2022, just because they decided not to spend the money doing them. ClearOS is now an insecure platform with a number of unpatched critical security vulnerabilities.

Clearcenter also had a disk crash last summer and no backups so they are unable to do updates to their own apps any more even if they wanted to. This includes to Gateway Management (AdamOne) as they used to sign the rpms from AdamOne prior to distribution in their repos.

The upstream EL7 and Centos go end of life on 30 June 2024 anyway, after which it won’t be possible to update ClearOS anyway. Until then I am providing a patching service to a number of users to apply all the upstream Centos7 and EPEL7 updates and to patch all the public ClearOS maintained apps for critical vulnerabilities.

I guess I could extend this to Gateway Management if AdamOne produce the rpms, but none of my customers use it and I no longer have the ability to test any updates to it. I could, however, recommission a ClearOS gateway if it were worthwhile.

Sadly, Clearcenter are just happy for their customers to give them subscription money without providing anything in return. You could say it is a rip-off or worse.

Nick Howitt

Stuck on ClearOS here, may need your help to get us thru an upgrade.

For anyone using ClearOS 7 (Community, Home and Business), I can provide updates to both ClearOS and Gateway Management/AdamOne/DNSThingy. Please see for more information.

Nick Howitt

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