Block Page Assistant for secure sites

Although secure https-based websites can be blocked, a browser extension is needed to display the Block Page properly. We offer a free browser extension that optimizes the end-user experience as follows:

Google Chrome

For Chrome, one of two block page extensions can be used:

DNSthingy Assistant

Allows for HTTPS block page support and shows domain dependency listing. Available at the Chrome Web Store, OR

Block Page Assistant

This unbranded extensions only provides HTTPS block page support. Available at the Chrome Web Store.

Here is a before-and-after example:

Blocked without the extension: Blocked with the extension:
\ 300x190 \ 300x190

The extension is available in two options, do not install both:

DNSthingy-branded extension Unbranded (as generic Block Page Assistant)
Offers block page redirection Offers block page redirection
Shows domain dependency listing Does not show domain dependencies

For a quick video overview, please review:


Firefox is not currently supported.

Microsoft Edge

Edge is not currently supported.


Safari no longer offers the functionality needed for the block page assistant to work. If this changes, we plan to reimplement our extension.