Block Page not displayed on https sites

Hi! I’m wondering why the block page is not displayed for https sites?

On a non-https blocked site access it shows as intended as:

But when change to https, it only shows:

Any light on this?


Good evening.

This is because https is encrypted, and the block page therefore will not be displayed. Adam:ONE cannot intercept DNS with https because of the encryption or something.
Http on the other hand is unencrypted and so Adam:ONE will be able to see it and display the block page.

There is an extension you can download, but it is for chrome based browsers called Block Page Assistant. It is in the chrome web store. (On Android you can use kiwi browser and also get the extension in this same way)Or, if you go to there will be a notice on top that tells you to install the extension if you haven’t already.

Alternatively you can just remove the s from https to make it http. Just go to the search bar and hit backspace to remove the s, then enter and the block page will be displayed.


I just thought it is now possible for adam:ONE to show the block page regardless of the protocol as it shows blocked in the logs.

I would also like an update on this

Hey everyone, please remember that HTTPS by its very nature does not allow a MITM interception which is why the block page cannot be automatic.

This is why we offer the Block Page Assistant browser extension which works in Chrome, Brave and Edge.
This extension detects an HTTPS block and redirects the browser to the block page.