Dashboard now supports key based authentication

I’m pleased to announce that the ADAMnetworks dashboard now supports key based authentication which includes the Yubikey, Apple TouchID, and Android NFC.

To configure your account, go to My Profile and under Security Credentials register your key.

If you need a key, we highly recommend the Yubikey but anything that supports FIDO2 is supported.

Go ahead and try it out, if you find any issues certainly let us know.

It should be clarified that it’s only with Apple TouchID on Macs with TouchID built in.

@Marco_de_Andrade yes TouchID is currently only supported on macOS. At some point I’m sure Apple will add support for it on mobile as well.

Yubikey is probably the best overall option as its portable and can be used on mobile via NFC on Android and hopefully on iOS in not too long, which again is up to Apple to add the support.

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