How we brew ASUS firmware

How we brew ASUS firmware

ASUS leads the world by example with great selection of “prosumer” routers and providing source code to their firmware.

Then there’s a cool Canadian who goes by Merlin who makes the firmware even better!

And finally, we add our ADAM bundle to it and that is what you download and flash when you enable it with our filtering services.

So if you’re wondering why it’s solid, stable and feature-rich, now you know why :slight_smile:

A few notes worth mentioning:

  • As part of our firmware, every 24 hours the router, provided it is online, will check for updated firmware from our own repository. If it is available, it downloads, self-upgrades, and reboots. The time of day it checks is customizable at your account.
  • Our version of firmware isn’t always the latest of Merlin’s, but we always catch up on production release after a good number of rapid-release adoptees experience high reliability.
  • There is no formal rapid-release participation on ASUS (although there is on pfSense), but if you have any interest, it does require a manual upgrade and it would start with a support request to our support team.