Policy Inheritance Feature Request

It would be very useful to replicate an entire policy, and then just change or override a few rules and have that policy always reference back to the policy that it was copied from. Sort of like a parent child relationship. The new policy would be a sub policy of the original one, and it would always be linked to the original one. The sub policy would only show the overrides that applied to that sub policy and not any of the original rules that the parent policy has. This is the only way I can see the dashboard not being cluttered with way too many policies.

If I want to treat one device 99% the same as another policy, but just change one little rule, I shouldn’t have to go And make an entire new policy just for that device. And consequently I have to constantly update two policies.

Let’s say I have a policy for a certain group of people or devices. But only one person out of that group wants to have something different, a website, allowed a website blocked, etc. Ideally, I would just go make a subpolicy and apply that device to that policy. And then that sub policy would always reflect what the parent policy is doing, plus the overrides that is applied to the sub policy. that way if I want to change something for that group of people,devices, I only have to change the parent policy.

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Agreed. With over 30 policies, it’s a pain to add a rule and apply it to all of them.


I’ve moved this topic to the Feature Requests category so you’ll now see the Vote button at the top.
This is somewhat similar to Duplicate Policy but you’re asking for inheritance instead of simple duplication.
I can say that a method for duplicating policies is on the way, but inheritance is not currently in the works.
So I’ve renamed the title for this topic to be more specific, please vote for this if you’re interested.

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The more I think about this, this is exactly what the dashboard needs. The main parent policies would be few in number, even down to 2 or maybe three, and they could be managed easily. The rest of the subpolicies would be very clutter free, only showing the specific overrides for that policy. Everything that is specified in the policy would have to override the parent policy. This would make auditing which devices have which access very easy, not to mention adding new rules to a site, without having to punch into several policies to turn on a single rule.

I think I’m going to give myself another upvote. :+1:


One more thing: the subpolicy could also have a time schedule applied to it.
E.g: dont allow youtube after 8pm. The rest of the time, switch back to the main policy. Again, it has the advantage of not having to look after two whole policies, just a small little override for a few hours per day.

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