Real time clock

Is there a way to display a real time clock in the dash board so i can make sure my timed profiles work correctly?

In most cases, the clock in your Operating System will be the best determination of when policies change.

A few items can cause delays when a schedule switches between policies:

  1. The change is currently pulled from our server, so there is a delay of up to a minute based on when your router checks in and the speed of your connection. This delay be resolved with a future update.
  2. Operating Systems and Browsers cache DNS responses, which may lead a delay until the change is experienced.

Ive tried flushing DNS chacked time zone settings in pfsense, my router and my computer are all correct, but still not getting internet on timed profile that should be open this time of day, only place i could find a time stamp in the dashboard is int the router tab, (attached picture)ty

took about an hour to update, but seems to work now,
I would still like to suggest adding a real time clock to the dashboard so we can see what time Adam:one is looking at,

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