Setting to a different domain

Is it possible to modify the to a different domain e.g.


Hi @edanpedragosa
We don’t currently have any plans to support custom domains for MyTools. will redirect to

Accessing it via IP shows the contents.

Or is it possible to allow the current PFSENSE to show the page instead of saying This page has expired.:

The way it works is we have some shortcut/alternative domains built-in such as and that redirect to when behind adam:ONE.

if you’re looking for this a shortcut for just yourself, edit your hosts file:

For linux & mac,

echo 'X.X.X.X' >> /etc/hosts

On Windows, edit hosts at




If you need a client-independent solution, set up an A (IP address) or CNAME (hostname) record in your resolver.

It won’t work as even if it resolves to the correct IP, adam:ONE currently only allows or the IP address it self of the server to show the contents. Otherwise, it will just show as expired using other domains aside from and redirects e.g. and

Strange. Worked for me (before) — I’ll dig deeper, and see what I can’t turn up