Sunshine Colony AdamOne stopped working

I have updated my pfsense to version 2.4.5 today, and i lost my adamone feature under package manager im wondering if you could help me, thanks in advance

Hey David, you will need to re-install the adam:ONE package which is not uncommon after a pfSense upgrade.
See Install adam:ONE on pfSense for installation instructions.

Hello Arthur
Thanks for your reply, I have followed your instructions, but i cant seem to get it to re-install, i have attached a screen shot,

It looks like you don’t have an upstream DNS server set under System / General.
Try setting DNS Server 1 to something like Quad9 ( and see if that resolves the issue.

Hello Arthur
Please find attached image of my general setup …

@david_walter can you please contact the support team via as based on what you are sharing your basic setup seems OK, so might need some additional help.

Yes i will do that …thanks