A guide to blocking all images on iOS/ipadOS Safari

Blocking all images on iOS Safari would be great, but how to you do that and not have a way to turn it off.

I recently discovered that it is actually possible. It is possible with management, but also with Screen Time, but will need a second party to have the PIN code if you don’t want it being turned off.

Essentially you need 5 things

  1. Management/Screen Time
  2. Image Blocker
  3. Disable App installs (or mosyle app whitelist)
  4. Disable App delete (to prevent the blocker from being uninstalled)
  5. Force the Built in Content Filter.

Important: No other browser can be allowed on the device with this guide.

1 is already achieved if you have adam:GO or management, otherwise you will need to set up Screen Time.
Also it might be possible within mosyle to prevent managed app uninstalls, and when paired with these instructions could make it simpler. I haven’t tested this.


  1. Download the image blocker app.
  2. Turn on the extension in Settings>Safari>Extensions.
  3. Force Content Filter within Mosyle>Web Filter>Built-in: Limit Adult Content
    (this will disable the option to turn on or off any extensions)
  4. Force Do Not Allow Removal of Apps in Mosyle>Restrictions to prevent the app from being removed.
  5. Force and app whitelist within Mosyle>App Allowlist or alternatively dissalow app install in Mosyle>Restrictions to disallow any other browsers from being on the device.

Steps:Screen Time

  1. same as above
  2. same as above
  3. For this you will need to force a content filter in Settings>Screen Time>Content Restrictions>Web Content and setting it to Limit Adult Content
    (this will disable the option to turn on or off any extensions)
  4. In Screen Time turn off installing and deleting apps, to prevent the image blocker from being uninstalled and also to prevent other browsers from being installed.
  5. Requires 2 people, unless you won’t be driven to remove the app yourself. If these are your children or youngins you are managing, and don’t have management, you will need the Screen Time code for their device.

This obviously isn’t for everyone, but I have found this quite handy in the past for people who don’t want to be plagued by distractions and harmful content.