adam:GO™ Compatibility Notes

When operating an Always On VPN via iOS | iPadOS there are a few compatibility notes to consider. The AlwaysOn VPN is integral to the security of adam:GO™. Some services could for varying reasons not be compatible with using an AlwaysOn VPN.

We have active support cases with Apple on some of them but cannot say when or if any of these will work in a future update.

Public Wi-fi

Some public hotspots are compatible but some are not. This will also vary on whether they allow VPN connections on the public WiFi or not.

We maintain a list of known locations that work here: adam:GO™ Compatible Public WiFi List

If you have trouble connecting to an incompatible WiFi hotspot, use another WiFi access point or switch to Cellular Data.


The ability to wirelessly transfer images and files to other devices using AirDrop is not compatible with adam:GO™ due to an iOS limitation since recent iOS updates. This could be rectified by Apple in the future.

As an alternative we recommend using iCloud Drive to manage / share files across devices.

Apple Watch

Your phone will have issues connecting to your watch over wi-fi. You may have issues getting notifications on your watch.


The ability to have your phone takeover your car’s display using CarPlay is not compatible with adam:GO due to AlwaysOn VPN. This used to be an issue for OnDemand VPNs too but is rectified now. Apple is aware of the issue and we are awaiting a fix from their engineers.

As an alternative we recommend using your phone as normal but connecting to the car’s stereo system via Bluetooth. All navigation functionality will work as normal and phone calls can be handled through the bluetooth connection of the vehicle. (It is not recommended to allow the car stereo to download or access your contacts. This is not needed and puts you at risk of a privacy breach when using a rental vehicle.)

Access to LAN from LAN

We do support access to your LAN from adam:GO™ via a tunnel that we create, but the iOS design does not route traffic to the LAN subnet while you are connected to the subnet.

The workaround is to create a separate WiFi VLAN or if you only need it locally to exempt the app via MDM.

Apple Support Screen Sharing

Apple Support has confirmed that their remote screen sharing does not work when the iOS device is on always-on VPN.

The current workaround right now is for the Admin to ensure the device is connected via WiFi behind adam:ONE®, and then temporarily disable the always-on VPN when the screen sharing is needed.