Adam losing connection to pfsense (going offline) - PLEASE DONT TAKE 2 WEEKS TO RESPOND

adam shows offline although it acts as if it is online by giving me website prompts but doesn’t allow the me to browse a site when I manually unblock a site from the login window - probably because it’s offline. Why isn’t reconnecting like a ddns connection when my new dsl/ip comes up? And why wouldn’t it warn me that i’m not really using the dns connection propoerly?

Hi @plbr
Can you tell us what version of adam:ONE you have installed? If it’s v3.4.3 you may need to disable IPv6 on your WAN assuming you don’t have an Internet routable address from the ISP.

As for it warning you that it’s not working properly, that’s a great question. We have an internal issue to make something like that happen but I can’t give you a timeline.
It would have to be an email notification or something like that.