adam:ONE 3.3.1-16 for pfSense on Rapid Release

On top of the changes in 3.3.1-14, this release includes the following changes.

If no issues are discovered in this release, it is scheduled for the stable channel on September 10th.

  • Removal of automatic pfSense OS upgrade. This feature has been a source of problems, and we believe in the case of pfSense it is better for administrators to be in complete control of OS upgrades. The adam:ONE software itself will continue to be auto-updated.
  • Auto updater bug fix in catching newer available versions.
  • Added ipe-extra-ttl=100 and ipe-max-ttl=120 as default config options.
  • Support for disabling DTTS/IPE for local FQDNs.
  • Support for custom ports (separated from ip address by @) in resolvers of last resort.

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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