adam:ONE 3.4.1 Rapid Release

Several bug fixes and enhancements are included in 3.4.1 which is now published for the Rapid Release channel on pfSense and ClearOS.

  • Re-branded binary from dnsthingymgr to anmgr.
  • DNS queries appear in log level 4.
  • Fixed CNAME flattening.
  • Fixed NETBIOS name-trimming issue.
  • Fixed isblocked HTTP request issue.
  • Fixed a few segfaults.
  • Fixed numerous other issues.
  • Minor improvements.
  • [pfSense] Manual reject rules for 443 and 53 are no longer auto deleted.
  • [pfSense] Cloud Backups are now available on SG-1100.
  • [pfSense] DTTS Firewall Setup now includes ICMP allow rule.
  • [pfSense] Add DTTS default reject rule for IPSec interface if enabled.
  • [ClearOS] Add support for transparent bridge mode.
  • [ClearOS] Bring ClearOS up-to-date with changes previously introduced in other platforms.

To install rapid release on ClearOS, see this article.

If you discover any issues please let us know at

Thank you
– Adam Networks team


How do we update our pfsense box? Is it the same as before like in dnsthingy? Thanks!

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If you’ve set your pfSense box to the Rapid Release channel, you will automatically get the update on your next maintenance window.

Or, you can go to Diagnostics / Command Prompt and run the command: dnsthingyupdater to force a manual check for updates.

Okay, I’m now upgraded, hopefully no errors will show-up.

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On pfSense a new rapid release build has been uploaded that fixes a memory leak issue.