adam:ONE® assist | Block Page Assistant for HTTPS Sites

adam:ONE® protects devices without the need of an endpoint agent.

adam:ONE® assist & Block Page Assistant are browser extensions to help enhance user experience in a ZTc (Zero Trust Connectivity) environment.

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adam:ONE® does not rely on endpoints to install and trust third party certificates that allow for interception of encrypted web traffic. We believe that is a bad practice that breaks the essentials of SSL/TLS security standards. Instead, a browser extension is used to more transparently show the redirection that occurs to a block page.

The blockpage also allows a user protected behind a (Zero Trust Connectivity) ZTc Adaptive AI policy to trigger an inspection request for a new site that was denied by default.

There are primarily two flavours of this extension for different use-cases:

adam:ONE® assist
The primary extension implemented by adam:ONE® users.

Block Page Assistant
Used for White Labeled implementations of adam:ONE®.

HTTPS site denied without any block page assistant. NoaO
HTTPS site denied with adam:ONE® assist active. aOa unblock

Platform Support & Installation Links

adam:ONE® assist

  • Chromium based browsers - INSTALL LINK
    • Brave Mac & PC
    • Chrome Mac & PC
    • Vivaldi. Mac. PC. Linux
    • MS Edge. Mac & PC
    • Chromium. Mac. PC. Linux
    • Kiwi Android.
  • Firefox Based browsers - INSTALL LINK
    • Firefox. Mac. PC. Linux
    • Pluckeye Android.
  • Safari. (WebKit) MacOS. iOS. iPadOS - INSTALL LINK

Block Page Assistant

  • Chromium based browsers - INSTALL LINK
    • Brave Mac & PC
    • Chrome Mac & PC
    • Vivaldi. Mac. PC. Linux
    • MS Edge. Mac & PC
    • Chromium. Mac. PC. Linux
    • Kiwi Android.

Technical Features

User Value:

Enhances the user experience for adam:ONE® users (formerly known as DNSthingy™) by:

  • Displaying the Block Page for denied HTTPS sites.
  • Assisting in seamless integration with adam:ONE® onboard tools.
  • Displaying the device’s protection status behind adam:ONE®.
  • Allowing Google’s reCAPTCHA to function when Google domains are denied.
  • Listing website dependencies.

Technical Functionality List:

f1: Redirection for blocked https pages to user local hosted service.
Note: In Safari does not work for domains entered directly into the address bar as of Safari v16.6

f2: Notifies user local hosted service that the extension is present.

f3: adam:ONE® protection status is shown.

f4: Redirection of to (off by default).
Caution: Only enable this if Google is blocked. If this is enabled, Captchas will fail on sites that have improved security by configuring Content-Security-Policy.

f5: [Applicable to adam:ONE® assist only] Domains (Current website dependencies) are listed when the browser button is clicked. This feature is off by default. - Supported for Chromium and Firefox based browsers only.

Feature Support Grid:

Browser f1 f2 f3 f4 f5
Safari 𐄂 𐄂

Instructions for Use

For most platforms, the extension’s base functionality (f1-f3) will function immediately once installed.

Since installed extensions are not enabled automatically in Safari, you will need to visit Safari > Preferences > Extensions and enable the extension.

The icon will display your protection status behind adam:ONE® (f3). Mouse over will display your status in text.

adam:ONE® assist


Block Page Assistant

GM icons

To activate additional functionality (f4-f5) you will need to right click on the extension and enable the features you need under Options.
Once Domain Listing (f5) is enabled, simply click on the extension icon to display a list of all dependencies.
Hit the Clear button to purge the list and start over.

adam:ONE® assist Domain Tracking List activated. aOa list

Privacy & Security Notes

When a page fails to load, domains and paths are passed to Mytools.Management, which is a Local process running on the user’s gateway. This is used to determine if their system’s block-page needs to be displayed. End users on the network get policy enforcement feedback and can choose to trigger an unblock request from their browser when using ZTc (Zero Trust connectivity) Adaptive Allowlisting. This information does not leave the user’s network.

Domain tracking and reCAPTCHA redirecting is off by default, and will only run if chosen to be activated by the user.

For more information related to Privacy, see the ADAMnetworks® Privacy Policy

For a quick video overview, please review: Block Page Assistant - Browser Extension - YouTube

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