Adam One Assist Extension Issues

Im have issues with Google Crome Extension Adam One Assist , it showed extension corrupt ,so removed it and installed it again, but still having issues, the web pages are not redirecting to ask for an unblock .
Regards David .

Hey David

Have you tried reinstalling Chrome and reinstalling the AdamOne Assistant Extension after Clean Install of Chrome?

Extension - adam:ONE® Assistant - Chrome Web Store

Hello SethV
No i have not uninstalled Chrome yet , ill give it a try

It did not work, removing extension and uninstalling chrome .Do you have any other options.

number of possibilities that can be caused by extension corruption i can think of

  1. Your computer is infected (seems possible)
  2. You have installed a rogue extension (less likely as extensions are sandboxed).
  3. Legit extensions but corrupted profile (bad data that causes some legit extension to act strangely).

Can you make a new chrome profile but dont sign in and let your profile sync but just sign in as Person 2 and install the extension and see if that works.

Hello SethV
Ok, i have tried under a different person account and it made no difference, Im having this issue on other computers too,( same web site ) i just moved my PC to (unfiltered Dangerous) is it possible that i have an issue with a rule. it’s only on new sit’s that we want to open

Hello SethV
I was able to unblock the website through the log file.

Just to let you know that when i use Microsoft edge browser it works, i get redirected to ( request Unblock) . but in chrome it doesn’t work yet.
Regards David