Adam one dns issues

OK…So two days ago my pfsense adamnet network went to crap. DNS issues…and it just got worse.
I have tried everything on my end but nothing works.
If I disable the adamone nat rule and add a ALL ALL firewall rule everything works perfect.
SO IMO It is the adam-one dns causing the issues. Any help is appreciated.

And to add to that It might be related and it might not be but my backups on adamnet dashboard couldn’t be downloaded. It was fixed but could that be part of the same issue?

Hi Lynden I believe this was resolved in our support queue today by reviewing and correcting the bindings.

For NAT rules (which do DNS hijacking when internal devices attempt to use external DNS) then redirect to localhost. Therefore anmgr must be bound to the localhost interface.

The other item we reviewed was the order of rules. Pfsense starts from the top down. When a match is made, it exits. We reordered the rules and all is good!