adam:ONE for pfSense 3.3.1-16 Released

Version 3.3.1-16 brings many fixes to the adam:ONE software, and some changes to the pfSense package including re-branding from DNSthingy to adam:ONE.

  • Now listed in the Services menu as adam:ONE instead of DNSthingy
  • New “Setup Firewall for DTTS” button that replaces the previous manage rules check box. We no longer manage the user firewall for DTTS, instead this action button can be used to do the setup.
  • Fixed wrong sanity check in cname flattening.
  • Fixed issue with trimming netbios name if that name was equal to domain name.
  • Removal of automatic pfSense OS upgrade. This feature has been a source of problems, and we believe in the case of pfSense it is better for administrators to be in complete control of OS upgrades. The adam:ONE software itself will continue to be auto-updated.
  • Auto updater bug fix in catching newer available versions.
  • Added ipe-extra-ttl=100 and ipe-max-ttl=120 as default config options.
  • Support for disabling DTTS/IPE for local FQDNs.
  • Support for custom ports (separated from ip address by @) in resolvers of last resort.

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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