adam:ONE® service startup slower in pfSense® 2.6.0

With the final release of pfSense® 22.01/2.6.0 we’ve noticed a reduced startup performance with adam:ONE® 4.8.1-1. If you have more than 10,000 rules being inserted at startup, it may even cause pfSense® to stop responding indefinitely. Note that the reduced performance applies only to service startup/restart. Once the service is running, 2.6.0 performs as per normal.

This was not a problem with adam:ONE® 4.8.1-1 on pfSense® 21.05/2.5.2.

The problem has been introduced in 2.6.0 and is outlined here:

For those environments with a large amount of enablers exceeding 10,000 rules, we recommend staying on pfSense® 2.5.2 until this is solved. Otherwise, adam:ONE® is supported on 2.6.0.

As per the redmine issue 12872, we can confirm that performance in 2.6.0 is on par with 2.5.2 if you comment out line 433 on /etc/inc/ like this:

# $rules .= "set keepcounters\n";

Then restart the gateway.