adam:ONE® v4.10.0-909 Rapid Release

Version 4.10.0-909 has been published to Rapid Release on pfSense, VyOS and ASUS.

This is a release with important improvements to the prior scheduled release (4.10) and includes rapid release 4.10.0-806

  • Added support for specifying detail information on interfaces in config switches. This adds the ability to specify wire format for packet monitoring purposes. This allows traffic log for IPSec tunnels to operate properly.
  • Added controller access resilience options for enterprise plans.
  • Fixed VLAN parsing and added VLAN ID to the packet collector.

This Rapid Release: Rollout begins 20 January 2024

Scheduled Release: as soon as 25 January 2024

Use Rapid Release if you’re adventurous or directed by our support team.

Installation steps are at

Thank you

– Adam Networks team

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