adam:ONE v4.10.0 Scheduled Release

Version 4.10.0 Scheduled Release is out for pfSense® and ASUS® and VyOS® as of 14 September 2023.

It includes a few improvements and fixes as outlined in previous 4.9.1 rapid releases. The most significant improvements are:

  • DNS Encryption module is now supported for both internal and upstream DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) and DoT (DNS-over-TLS)
  • Significant changes in device enrolment is now ignoring IPv6 addresses without corresponding MAC addresses discovered via mDNS, reducing devices discovered and displayed on the dashboard
  • Improved memory and cache management

Special thanks to all the testers that made this possible.

For installation of adam:ONE® see:

  1. pfSense®:
  2. ASUS®:
  3. VyOS®:

Note on automatic upgrades

During adamone-setup configure installation wizard, we recommend the default to automatically upgrade adam:ONE® software. When that default is selected, the attempt will be made based on contents in /etc/crontab (pfSense®) or cru l (on ASUS®).

However, in some circumstances, the internet will fail after automatic upgrade, specifically if these conditions are all met:

  • your pfSense is older than what is listed at
  • Disable the Dashboard auto-update check is checked (System → Update → Update Settings)
  • the cronjob has executed and upgraded to 4.10.0

The solution is to:

  • upgrade pfSense®
  • re-install adam:ONE®

Update on older versions of pfSense®

Automatic upgrades have been completely disabled for any pfSense® versions prior to 23.01.

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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