adam:ONE® v4.11.1-263 Rapid Release

Version 4.11.1-263 has been published to Rapid Release on pfSense, VyOS and ASUS.

This is a release with important improvements to the prior rapid release (4.11.1-240):

  • Added missing support for ID HTTPS requests.
  • Added ability to see enabler name used in traffic log (making traffic log viewing more useful to differentiate between allowed DNS-resolved traffic vs Enabler traffic).
  • Fixed a crash in accessing empty string (exhibited with prior rapid release when an authoritative rule exactly matched a host domain suffix).

This Rapid Release: Rollout begins 6 May 2024

Scheduled Release for pfSense 24.03: 6 May 2024
Scheduled Release for all other platforms/versions: as soon as 13 May 2024

Use Rapid Release if you’re adventurous or directed by our support team.

Installation steps are at

Thank you

– Adam Networks team

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