adam:ONE v4.8.0 Release

This release improves the stability of v4 installations of adam:ONE.

  • Added support for blocking HTTPS queries (config switch dns-block-https-queries).
  • Added support for disabling strict CNAME flattening (config switch disable-strict-cname-flattening).
  • Added support for additional resource record types in authoritative answers (currently just A/AAAA and PTR).
  • Added support for event-driven brain.
  • Added support for FqdnReport request for not-found FQDNs on allow-listed policies.
  • Added extra information to DNS forwarding output and modified the format a little bit.
  • Resolved an issue where UDP responses would only get buffered and never sent.
  • Fixed handling to properly redirect other FQDNs.
  • Fixed FQDN check against bundles to use lower case name.
  • Fixed an issue with dropping UDP port 53 binding on specific address change.
  • Re-purposed default bundle to get last resort resolver working on allow-listing policies.
  • Re-implemented collectors’ shared aspect handling and added unit tests.
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements.

Rapid Release: Rollout begins Oct 16th 2021
Scheduled Release: Oct 16th 2021

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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