adam:ONE v4.8.1-474 Rapid Release

Version 4.8.1-474 has been published to Rapid Release on pfSense and ASUS.

This is a significant release with the following changes:

  • Functionality to connect to new Reflex Engine controller.
  • Increased details on live log including DNS record type.
  • Live log now shows the first/fastest DNSharmony participant that blocked a FQDN.
  • Made forwarding rules take priority over system provided information for PTR queries.
  • Added a handler for empty FQDNs (A/AAAA, NS, PTR, SOA).
  • Fixed an issue with logging files getting truncated or overwritten on restart.
  • Other bug fixes and code optimizations.

Rapid Release: Rollout begins May 14th 2022
Scheduled Release: Rollout begins as early as May 28th 2022

Use Rapid Release if you’re adventurous or directed by our support team.

Installation steps for Rapid Release are at

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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