adam:ONE v4.8.2-1 Scheduled Release

Version 4.8.2-1 Scheduled Release is out for pfSense® and ASUS®.

It includes many improvements as outlined in previous 4.8.1 rapid releases. In summary:

  • Functionality to connect to new Reflex Engine controller.
  • Increased details on live log including DNS record type.
  • Live log now shows the first/fastest DNSharmony participant that blocked a FQDN.
  • Made forwarding rules take priority over system provided information for PTR queries.
  • Added a handler for empty FQDNs (A/AAAA, NS, PTR, SOA).
  • Fixed an issue with logging files getting truncated or overwritten on restart.
  • Added support for pseudo external subnets to facilitate DTTS® to operate across internal network segments when specified
  • Made dns-block-https-queries true by default
    (the default may change when draft-ietf-dnsop-svcb-https-01 is finalized)
  • Major improvements to compile time.
  • Added support for ICMP enablers.
  • Implemented mechanism to keep holes around even after they expired (to facilitate traffic log differentiation between strangers and simply expired TTLs)
  • Fixed a bad outcome access.
  • Other improvements, bug fixes and code optimizations.

Special thanks to all the testers that made this possible.

For installation of adam:ONE® see:

  1. pfSense®:
  2. ASUS®:

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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