adam:ONE v4.9.0-1 Scheduled Release

Version 4.9.0-1 Scheduled Release is out for pfSense® and ASUS® as of 24 February 2024.

It includes a few improvements and fixes as outlined in previous 4.8.4 rapid releases. In summary:

  • Added support for pfSense® Plus 23.01 and pfSense® 2.7.0 Community Edition.
  • Added TCP reset for mismatched ssl FQDN vs SNI (a requirement for internal DNS-over-HTTPS service).
  • Added TCP reset for non-SNI containing queries destined for the gateway.
  • Added an external renewal option to ACME.
  • Fixed a non-configurable packet monitor ring buffer size.
  • Fixed ACME’s post starting after certificate creation if part of setup.
  • Fixed an issue with packet-blocked status not being recorded correctly.
  • Fixed content type of HTTP resources.
  • Fixed HTTP redirects providing full path.
  • Fixed packet monitor showing allowed packets in one direction only.
  • Resolved an invalid memory access in ACME on pfSense®.
  • Changed the HTTP response code for redirects to 302 Found so can redirect to SSL URL and maintain compatibility for roaming devices.
  • Updated packet monitor triggers to use new generic packet parser.
  • Fixed an issue with failing on decoding EDNS0 for non-OPT types or empty records.
  • Fixed an issue with holes not getting passed to DTTS from a TCP DNS handler.
  • Fixed an issue with a requestor_id getting incorrectly collected.
  • Fixed a packet monitor ring buffer size calculation.
  • Updated to use re-factored flatbuffers.

Special thanks to all the testers that made this possible.

For installation of adam:ONE® see:

  1. pfSense®:
  2. ASUS®:

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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