adam:ONE v4.9.1-1 Scheduled Release

Version 4.9.1-1 Scheduled Release is out for pfSense® and ASUS® as of 8 April 2023.

It includes a few improvements and fixes as outlined in previous 4.9.0 rapid releases. In summary:

  • Resolved an issue with destroying FQDN-based enablers.
  • Fixed an infinite loop causing an occasional cached CNAME response to fail.
  • Added parsing of ICMP packets.
  • Added the ability to specify DTTS block chain name (pre/suf)fixes for nftables. This allows for other chains to take precedence over adam:ONE® if required.
  • Added active v4 (ARP) and v6 (ND) scanning on DNS requests under certain conditions. This also improves IPv6 matching to MAC address on the dashboard device listing.
  • Added support for cerebrum controlled muscle options.
  • Fixed an issue with fallback HTTPS listener: Deprecated https-listener, HTTPS now uses http-listener with https-listen-port and respects both http-fallback-interfaceand http-fallback-always-match.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrectly detecting blocked DNS answers.

Special thanks to all the testers that made this possible.

For installation of adam:ONE® see:

  1. pfSense®:
  2. ASUS®:

Thank you
– Adam Networks team

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