adam:UBA™ - User Assigned Policies

adam:ONE® automatically assigns newly-discovered devices to the network location’s default policy. This is ideal for protecting new network assets with an immediate quarantine setting, for example.

However, if a network uses 802.1X for ethernet and/or WiFi connections, it is helpful to have a user-to-policy mapping. This provides the convenience of a policy following a user, regardless of device or device type, including compatibility with randomizing MAC addresses as is common on modern mobile devices.

adam:ONE® supports 802.1X provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Site is covered with an MSS or MSS+ subscription
  • Site is covered with an XNS (eXtended Networking Services) program
  • Site is 802.1X-capable equipment throughout the infrastructure

If the above conditions are satisfied, a one-time license and ongoing support purchase is available via your support team. The only requirements for the service to be deployed is a list of usernames mapped to existing dashboard policies.

A secondary benefit to 802.1X deployments is that such endpoints cannot enable Internet sharing, also known as Hotspot services.

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