Add Device without MAC


I want to add new devices to the AdamOne control panel before they come online. When I use the Add Device option, the system only adds a device when a MAC is specified.

Our AdamOne is configured using a subnet configuration, where devices are in subnets that are not directly attached to the AdamOne device, so the MAC address is not relevant. Our other network devices do not have a MAC address when viewed in the control panel.

How can I add a device without adding a MAC address?


Hey Lucas, at this moment the workaround is to create a fake MAC address, for eg. you could use Random MAC Address Generator

Thank you.

Is there any risk that the traffic will not be filtered correctly due to the incorrect MAC being assigned?


It depends, if they are layer 3 routed the packets would come in without a MAC and they would be retained as they are.
If there is a NAT router then all the IPs will be merged into a single device with the MAC of that source router.

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