Additional schedule functionality

I’ve seen various references (e.g. from Arthur) that the Dashboard is due for a makeover. Some features that would be great to see in the schedule…

  • Ability to quickly clone days - i.e. setup one day, and copy the whole day to the other days. Probably most schedules are the same or similar between days. Maybe different times for weekdays and weekends.
  • Ability to copy scheduling info from one policy to another.
    Without these features making multiple schedules gets tedious pretty quickly.
    Example use cases:
  • Residential - two children of different ages with different bedtimes require near identical schedules except for when “no internet” at bedtime starts.
  • Commercial - Different computer groups require identical times but different policies for differing access to different services/URLs.

I would agree with you. The current dashboard has served us well. It’s time for a makeover.

A duplicate feature across the entire dashboard would be nice.
The dashboard allows for very granular customizations. When we take advantage of these customizations on a per device level and applying minor changes from one device to another, it can become tedious to recreate profiles.

Another must have feature is under the rules tab. When editing a rule, it would be very helpful to be able to check all the policies you would like that particular rule turned on for right from the created rule rather than having to go through each policy and turning it on.

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