Admin Reopen Request from Email

Right now it’s very cumbersome to go find a closed unblock request, and reopen it. Especially if there are thousands of requests.

One option is to periodically clear them, so it’s easier to find them, but this still makes it so you have to go to closed requests, find, reopen, and allow them.

I think it would help if we could select reopen request from the email itself if the request was rejected (or a similar option) to make it more convenient for admins.

This might be a security issue, but something like this would be handy.

Hey, V!

You are correct on all fronts.
This would be a nice feature for sure - and as long as it does not introduce a security vulnerability would speed up your work as admin on Adaptive AI allowlisting for sure.
I’ll chalk it up on feature requests to explore.

Until then, clearing out your recent unblock requests list does speed things up, yes. And in addition to that I just do a browser search to find the entry even if the list is long.
On Mac CMD+F. Win CTR+F. And in iOS Safari you can search the site under the (“Share”) button Find on Page .