Adverts and POP UPS

I have Adam ONE on a PFSense Router box and my users are getting popups all the time. Ant way I can stop this?

What type of popups are they receiving?

Using a browser like Brave or Safari can help a lot, assuming you have the ad blocking rule enabled on your adam:ONE policy it should be blocking the majority of ad popups. So it would be helpful to know what kind of policy these users are on and also what kind of popups they are getting, for eg. on the web, advertising, mobile app ads, etc.

Hi. It is mainly ads but there are lewd invites to sites we do not allow and it is not child friendly popups.

@GerardW how is the policy setup that these users are on?

Hi. I am using Block the Bad and “Block Third Party Advertisers” is on but I am still getting the ad popups

OK I see. It’s possible that rule is allowing some stuff through. To ensure anything undesirable is blocked you’d want to use an allow list policy as it’s not possible to keep up adding stuff to a block list.

In your case right now there’s a couple of options,

  1. View and domains you see that are unwanted, add them to a block list rule and enable that rule on your policy.
  2. Use the Brave Browser to augment your network policy.

Do you have a screenshot?

It might be from site/push notifications your users may have accidentally subscribed to.

That’s a good point @edanpedragosa
@GerardW it’s possible that you’re dealing with web site push notifications which can be nasty.
See Use notifications to get alerts - Computer - Google Chrome Help for Chrome and Manage website notifications in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Support for Microsoft Edge on how to control them.