Anmuscle.conf: Permission denied

I’m trying to run this command which is referenced in the v4 installation instructions…

But it gives this error:
sh: /usr/local/etc/adamone/anmuscle.conf: Permission denied

Any tips/tricks of how to troubleshoot?
I’m logged into pfsense as admin. I’ve run this command before successfully on ofther pfsense firewalls. I’ve tried installing the sudo package, but no change.
pfsense: 23.09.1-RELEASE
AdamnetMuscle version 4.10.0-238

Hi @BrightSpark
That is a config file not a command. If you want to run the setup tool to modify the config file run the command:

adamone-setup configure

Hi @atw
Apologies, complete user error - pasted into the wrong field! Please ignore.
Wishing you a Happy New Year shortly!