ASUS RT-AX86U "If you are seeing this page, your connection is unfiltered"

When I open from any device on my network, I receive
“If you are seeing this page, your connection is unfiltered” is showing router is Online
Last seen less than a minute ago 7/6/2023, 11:12:10 AM
Status Active
Version 4.9.1-1 | RT-AX86U_EPA@388.2

Router is ASUS RT-AX86U running merlin 388.2_2

From ssh

admin@RT-AX86U-6960:/tmp/home/root# /jffs/scripts/adamone status
( Script v2.1.7)
[i] muscle is running.
[i] iptables/ipset rules are all in place.

admin@RT-AX86U-6960:/tmp/home/root# /jffs/scripts/adamone checkalive

[i] is muscle running? yes
[i] is muscle resolving? yes
[i] is muscle informing? yes
[i] is muscle communicating? yes
[i] are iptables/ipset rules in place yes

Appreciate any help

Hi @Mark_Nadig
Do you possibly have any VPN app or AV software on your computer that may be intercepting DNS locally?
Depending on your OS, check cat /etc/resolv.conf on macOS and Linux, or on Windows ipconfig /all and check if the DNS server you have set there is the IP of your adam:ONE router or not.

Thank you @atw for the response.

On our mac

MacBook-Air:~ mark$ cat /etc/resolv.conf 
# macOS Notice
# This file is not consulted for DNS hostname resolution, address
# resolution, or the DNS query routing mechanism used by most
# processes on this system.
# To view the DNS configuration used by this system, use:
#   scutil --dns
#   dns-sd(1), scutil(8)
# This file is automatically generated.

MacBook-Air:~ mark$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
Address: ...

Seems hitting the right IP

We have macs, windows and ios devices all are showing “If you are seeing this page…”

OK then it might be a browser extension. What browser are you using, can you try disabling any extensions you have installed?

Hi Mark, I’m taking this to a support ticket if you can check your email. Would like to investigate a bit further with a remote session if we could.