Blacklist Subscription

Hi! I would like to know where can we subscribe to available blacklist user subscription.

Does adam:ONE have system blacklist for pornography sites, online game sites, et cetera?

Thank you for your reply.

The Default Treatment option in the Policy settings is where we block those types of things. Depending on what kind of filtering you want, you would choose a default option that provides it.

So that would mean, adam:ONE depends on third-party providers to block sites and does not maintain a blacklist of sort? That is before forwarding to another DNS, check the system block for objectionable contents first, then user defined blacklist, then finally to forwarders.

@edanpedragosa for adult and gambling we don’t maintain our own list that is correct. We integrate with various upstreams for that including of course OpenDNS, but DNSfilter, NextDNS and Canadian Shield can all be used.