Block Page or Unblock Request not appearing

adam:ONE offers a block page that runs on your gateway itself over http running on the default port 80. This block page is served over

If your browser isn’t going there automatically when a destination site is blocked, check for these requirements:

  • The browser is Chrome or Chromium-based (Brave, Microsoft Edge) with the Chrome Extension ecosystem enabled and accessible
  • The browser has the Block Page Assistant installed
  • Your gateway still has the adam:ONE default firewall rule enabled that REJECTS TCP port 443 traffic destined for the firewall
  • Your computer does not have a static DNS server assigned, but rather obtains DNS servers automatically via DHCP
  • Your DHCP server is handing out the adam:ONE gateway’s internal IP address as the one and only DNS server

This article applies to Windows/macOS/Chromebook/Linux endpoints.