Blocking ads in YouTube app on FireTV stick

I feel like I must be missing something regarding ad blocking. I use the Brave browser on my desktop and it does a great job of ad blocking (e.g. it blocks YouTube ads).

However, not all the devices on my network run Brave (or run it well). For example, my FireTV stick doesn’t run Brave very well (I side-loaded it and had to also install a mouse driver, but it’s still clunky). I would think this would be a capability where adom:ONE would excel, but when I run the YouTube app (not thru Brave) on the FireTV stick, ads continue to stream right in with the content. FYI, I have the FireTV stick’s default treatment set to “AdGuard Family Protection”

Is there something I’m missing about how to block ads?

It is my understanding that YouTube ads are served from YouTube’s domains. Which means adam:ONE can’t block them. This is because it only sees traffic coming and going from YouTube. It has no way to know what the traffic is. It only sees the domains.

adam:ONE is installed at a network level, and can only see domain and IP traffic, whereas brave is on an endpoint level. There are certain things you can’t do on a network level that are possible on an endpoint level, such as using brave to block YouTube ads.

If YouTube itself is allowed, and I am correct in my understanding, then adam:ONE is not capable of blocking them, and you will need an endpoint blocker.

adam:ONE can only filter third-party ads so I install Adguard to all of my devices or use brave browser on some.