Blocking Images on Search Engines

adam:ONE forces safe search on Google, Duckduckgo, and Bing. Google is the most common search engine people use, but more and more we see people moving to others like Duckduckgo, Brave Search and other private engines.

But most of them do not have the option to force a safe search. Ideally, for me, I want to force safe search and also block images. I have tried a few things and here are my findings.

Force safe search = yes
Block images = no

Force safe search = yes
Block images = yes (see below)

Force safe search = yes
Block images = no

Brave Search
Force safe search = no
Block images = yes (need MSS+ subscription)

I have found that by adding
to a block rule, images and all external content (thumbnails, videos, pics) are succesfully blocked when using DuckDuckGo.

There are other text only search engines out there but it is not possible to force safe search on them.

If anyone has other suggestions or helpful tips, please share.

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How do you force safe search on and still keep Google and Bing from being allowed through? The only way I know, to force safe search, is to enable the turn on the “Safer Search Engines” but that also allows Google and Bing. It is kinda hard to add Google to another blocklist because the domains for Google are so many? Maybe Adam Networks could come up with a subscription to either allow DuckDuckGo with safe search unforced or come up with a subscription to block Google and Bing?

To block only google search you need to create a list that blocks without subdomains, then add all the google domains with their TLDs like .ca .com .uk.
This is a list I made a while ago that seems to work for me.

Blocking Bing is simpler because I cant think of other services that would be blocked with”""""""""""""""""

Thanks Victor! :+1:
I copied all the domains in the subscription called “MSS | block Search Engines - All”, then just removed the DuckDuckGo domains. So between the block list we made and the subscription you shared, I think we should be safe. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll be counting on you to keep your list up to date in case google adds a domain. :smirk: jk
Thanks again!

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