Bulk device forget

How do I forget multiple devices in my Dashboard?

  1. Go to Devices and click on “Batch Edit” in the header bar on the right hand side.
  2. Select “Forget Devices” in the Action drop down menu.
  3. Go down into the device list itself and check the square checkboxes of the devices that you want to forget.
  4. Click the “Forget these devices” checkbox in the Batch Edit Tool section at the top of the page (presume it’s there as a “do you really want to do this” confirmation).
  5. Click the red “Forget” button
  6. You will see a green banner “The devices are saved” appear for a couple of seconds at the top of the page.
    I just tested this in AdamONE v4, but from memory this is the same in v3 - i.e no differences in the Dashboard webpage.
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Hello Gerard

there is even a script if you feel fancy enough

Right Click on the website and select Inspect and Select Console you can run this code

this will select all of the devices in all policy useful in an environment where you have over hundred devices

var scope = angular.element(document.querySelector(’.host-filters’).parentElement).scope()

@SethV is something like this possible for turning all rules ON in a whitelist policy?

Thanks everyone for the fixes - it all works