Bypass DTTS in the unfiltered policy

Have some devices that I would like to bypass DTTS. Is DTTS bypassed in unfiltered policy? From my testing it doesn’t seem like it is. Is their a way to make sure DTTS is being bypassed in the unfiltered policy? Or maybe create a new policy that bypasses DTTS?

Shouldn’t their be an option to bypass DTTS here on this page?

Currently you could reserve IP addressees for each device from within the firewall, and an alias where each IP you want to bypass is included in that alias, then create a firewall rule to allow the alias to any destination if Im correct…

That’s what I’m doing, but I don’t think it’s supposed to work that way. Instead of doing those additional steps you should be able to add it to the unfiltered policy and get the same result. Or not?

Hi @Ruben_Gross. DTTS® bypass can only be accomplished from the dashboard on Linux-based ClearOS and ASUS platforms. However, for FreeBSD-based pfSense users, DTTS® bypass is accomplished via pfSense rules as mentioned by @Victor. The how-to details for this can be found here: Troubleshooting services behind DTTS® on pfSense

Sounds good. I’ll just keep doing it that way.