Can no longer log in to my ASUS router

If your ASUS router has the adam:ONE security framework installed, and you can no longer log in to the router, below are some steps you could take. First, here are some methods to get to the routers login page:

  1. Click on the MyTools link from within your adam dashboard and then click the MyBox link (top right), or
  2. Enter into a browser’s address bar and then click on MyBox, or
  3. Go directly to from any browser

If you get to the router’s login page but you forget the password, here are some options:

  1. If you initially bought the router from our online store, then email us ( and we may have record of the username and password that the router originally shipped with, or
  2. You can perform an NVRAM reset using the 30-30-30 method as outlined in step#4 (item 7.) of the following article: which will let you reset your username and password.
    CAUTION: the 30-30-30 (NVRAM reset) process will wipe/erase your router’s settings and therefore any custom router settings in memory will be lost - including your SSID/WiFi name and password.