Cancel a subscription or delete an account

You can cancel a subscription at any time. Here are two options:

Option#1 - Cancel a Subscription Only

Note: This will stop all billing related to a specific network/location on your account. However, your account & network settings (customized Rules, etc.) will be preserved should you wish to renew the subscription at a later time.

To stop your subscription only, log in to your dashboard, then:

  • Click on Billing Settings (bottom left)
  • Click on Change Networks
  • Click on Edit (beside the Network/Location you wish to unsubscribe)
  • Remove the Box ID by clicking on the Prohibit (∅) symbol
  • Click on Save

Option#2 - Delete your Account

Note: This will not only stop all billing, but it will also erase your entire account, including all other networks/locations associated with the account and dashboard settings (customized Rules, etc.). Account deletion cannot be undone.

To delete your entire account, log in to your dashboard:

  • Click on Billing Settings (bottom left)
  • Click on Delete Account (small trashcan icon, bottom left)

Important: If you are an MSP cancelling a subscription on behalf of your Client(s), please also email so that any MSP related billing/coupons can be removed from the account.