Cannot block on Windows 10, Chrome client

Howdy! I have setup one rule and two policies. The rule is a blacklist which includes a list of domains like facebook(dot)com and reddit(dot)com which I would like to block. The first policy includes the new rule and the second is a schedule policy where the action during the schedule is to select the policy that includes the rule to block the domains in question.

Mostly this is working well as at least from an iPhone on my network I cannot hit the sites. Safari even gives me a nice “Adam Networks” block screen (Chrome simply gives a connection error). However, on my Windows 10 PC using chrome, most sites including are blocked successfully but no matter what I do loads every time. I am not sure what is unique about the Windows version of Chrome that allows access to reddit. Wondering if anyone else has run into this before? Would also be nice if I could get browsers on all clients loading the adam networks error page instead of the standard chrome disconnected error message but that is of only secondary concern at this point (I have the add-on loaded for graceful block error but I don’t think anything similar exists for Chrome on iOS).

I tested this again on the Windows Chrome PC and is now displaying the appropriate “blocked by” message. Not sure what the deal is but I know has a pool of balanced IPs it loads from out of the Fastly network so it’s possible the adam:ONE backend took a few hours to cache the full list of IPs/ranges. Just a guess on my part though.

Would be cool if we could get the “” URL from the block screen to load from HTTPS (maybe some Let’s Encrypt integration?). :slight_smile:

@hazarjast it does sound like caching might have been in play there for reddit.
For even if it was running on HTTPS it would not work as a block page on HTTPS web sites as it’s certificate would be for itself, not the domain it’s blocking.
With that said I agree it would be nice to integrate Let’s Encrypt for mytools itself, maybe one day.