Can't access internet


I’m a newbie.

I have adam setup on a netgate 2100.

Everything is setup properly as far as I can tell according to the instructions. On the adam dashboard I set my default policy as “allow only the good”

But i couldn’t access the internet

Temporarily in pfSense I had to enable these two lines to get internet access back.

But now I can’t access the netgate or anything on my internal network. I do have internet.

I don’t know how to get back access to pfsense on the netgate and I don’t know how to disable those to pfsense rules without losing internet access.

Hi Jason, I’d be happy to help you get out of this corner if nobody else reaches out from Adam:ONE (they would be more practiced at getting people out of these spots than I am). Is this your own router or for a client?

Oh hey! Thanks.

This is for me, I’m trying to teach myself adamone.

I have a bit of a weird setup now with the netgate 2100, double natting .

I have the tplink omada stuff setup in my house (controller, managed switch, vlans, firewall, EAP). My Proxmox sever is on a seperate vlan, my website and email server run right out of my basement. That was all working perfectly before I got the netgate.

But I put the netgate inbetween all that and my rogers gateway (I have a static IP), hence double natting, and had things mostly working. (I couldn’t reach my website from within my network).

But after I installed adamone I really ran into problems, lol

okay, I made an embarrassing booboo. I was connected to an external VPN and thats why I couldn’t access stuff in my local network and the netgate. I turned of the VPN and I can access everything internally.

So basically here is my setup. If I enable those 2 rules above in pfsense my internet works. If i disable them like I’m supposed to my internet goes down.

Netgate(Static IP from ISP) - Omada Firewall(Statis IP from netgate) - Omada Managed Switch - All the computers and my proxmox server on various vlans and subnets. All 192.168.x.x

So the double nat is the netgate and then the Omada Firewall. Essentially I have 2 firewalls.

I know that makes no sense, but the TP omada link stuff is all integrated together. I can pull out the Omada firewall and replace in with the netgate. But then everytime I make a change to the other omada equipment I have to then make the necessary change in the netgate so it works.

But is there a way I can get all the computers on my network to access the internet when I disable those LAN rules in pfsense.

Ignore this whole thread. I changed my setup, I’ll start a new thread.

It sounds like you configured your firewall for adam:ONE DTTS but you didn’t have the DTTS feature enabled in the Dashboard
Or if it was something else I’d be curious to know.

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Yep, i had installed with DTTS but not enabled on Dashboard.

I’m typing this from behind adamone now.

Omada Network (Everything on my network works) - Netgate plugged into omada switch - Laptop into netgate.

So only my laptop is behind netgate/pfsense/adamone but its working.

This site works, google works, other sites don’t. So I know its working.