Cant Access MSP Tools - Connectwise, Labtech, Vonage


I’m experiencing issues after installing v4 with a conservative configuration blocking Labtech/Automate (from control center and web) and even Vonage client.

I reviewing my audit log and blocked domains, nothing seems to be associated. Even after turning off filtering in AdamOne, i am still unable to interact with these services.

I have tried with just cloudflare dns and with dnsharmony with other resolvers set up on AdamOne.

Only after removing AdamOne, turning back on dns resolver and disable associated AdamOne firewall rules am i able to access these services as expected.

Any help is appreciated

Note that i am not using DTTS. Seems after uninstalling and installing v3 i am back to expected function from Automate and Vonage

If you’re not using DTTS and you said yes to the option under adamone-setup conf to automatically configure firewall rules, then you will need to disable the rule called “adam:ONE Reject all traffic not allowed by DTTS” and also enable your default allow all rules at the bottom of your firewall rule list.

Thanks i’ll give this a shot!