Can't install adam:One on pfsense 2.6.0

I have a new, first time install of pfSense 2.6.0 and I’m trying to install adam:ONE. I am following the instructions found here: Install adam:ONE on pfSense

I run the curl command in the Execute Shell Command input under Diagnostics → Command Prompt

curl -sS | sh

The output is:
pkg: No packages available to install matching ‘dnsthingy’ have been found in the repositories

I get the same output if I run

pkg -C /etc/adamone/pkg/pkg.conf install -fyU dnsthingy

On a ssh command line.

Is there another way to install adam:ONE?

@dcass thanks for using the forum and for your interest in adam:ONE®

Version 3 is not compatible with pfSense 2.6 and later.
Version 4, however is supported on pfSense 2.6 and later.

Just follow the instructions at for v4.