Circular requests abundant

I am getting so many of these and don’t know what they mean - I suspect it’s a DNS issue (duh) that is resolving back and forth between my DC and Adam. But I don’t know how to fix. The DC’s DNS is and there is no entry in Adam to point DNS to my DC.

From my log:
5:19:39 PM WALT-DC System - Circular Request

I do have a rule in Adam or AD: is my DC

Hi Graham, this will happen with a DNS query that comes from the gateway making a DNS query to your Forwarding Server ( in the case of your screenshot. That host is non-authoritative and sending the query back to the gateway, making it a circular request.

Ok - I get that but can’t see (clearly) where the requests are being forwarded to my server???

Do I just remove the AD entry in the rules?

Didn’t mean to leave this abandoned, but I believe this was resolved through a support channel, but if not, running adamone-issue would be the next step and submitting that to the support email.