Custom DNS Forwarder

I have created a custom DNS Forwarder with open dns and it isn’t blocking anything.

Did I do something wrong?

I used my gateway IP for block subnets, and open dns ips for endpoints.

Hi Victor, which OpenDNS server IPs did you use for your DNS Forwarder? It’s possible you used their servers that don’t do filtering.

Also if you could send your Box ID to and reference the link to this forum post we can lookup your account and verify your settings are correct or not.

I’m using their standard DNS servers. ·
As endpoints.

And my router gateway IP as block subnets.

Also in opendns website, my IP is correct and settings also. And when visiting there test site, it shows that it is using their service.

Please keep in mind that custom DNS Forwards don’t apply to whitelists. For whitelists it will use whatever DNS server that is configured on the router on the WAN side.
If changing the IP you will need to restart the adam:ONE service for it to apply.