Custom, per-device unblock allow/disallow

I’d like to request a feature.

Currently if auto whitelisting is enabled, all devices are allowed to request and unblock.

Is it possible to have certain devices able to request the unblock, but for the admin to have to manually approve each one?

From my experience with Adam:ONE, this is not a feature yet available. There is however a work around, let me try to explain.

Create a separate policy for the devices not Authorized for unblock request. Turn on all desired rules, except for the Autowhitelist rule. Create a separate whitelist rule just for these devices and turn it on.

Now, when they go to a website not yet on the whitelist, they’ll still get the Unblock request page and it will still process it, however, if successfully unblocked, they won’t be able to go there, since the Autowhitelist rule is not turned on for them, so the requested domain will manually need to be added to their whitelist rule created earlier.

Hope that helps.